Five reasons you need to eat breakfast and five ways to get started

My philosophy has always been to take the least stressful route if you want to make a change.  I have found going slowly makes whatever I am doing sustainable because I am incorporating a new habit into my life and that takes time.  Today I want to talk about breakfast as I have come to believe it is absolutely critical in maintaining weight and overall health.

Five reasons breakfast is so important:

  1. After fasting all night your body is ready for fuel.  If it doesn’t get it, your body will start using the glycogen from your liver, placing a lot of strain on that organ.
  2. There is documented evidence that a high fiber breakfast reduces the amount of calories you eat in a day as compared to breakfast with low fiber, or  those who eat no breakfast.  In addition there is a definite link to obesity for long term breakfast skippers.
  3. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going, if you skip it, your body is still in reserve mode, and not burning fuel efficiently.
  4. Consider that your brain needs energy in the form of glucose from food to function.  If you are depriving it of that first thing in the morning, you are handicapping your brainpower.
  5. The lack of nutrients at breakfast impacts your whole day so that the craving you are having at 3 in the afternoon is most likely related to your body’s not having enough nutrients earlier in the day.

There are also strong corollaries between eating breakfast and overall health, with breakfast eaters always coming out ahead.

I know many people are not hungry in the morning, are pressed for time, or actually feel nauseous about the thought of breakfast. So what do you do then?

Here are 5 suggestions:

Start slowly, try:

  • Half a banana or apple or even a few bites
  • Half a piece of toast
  • Tablespoon of peanut butter or handful of nuts
  • Handful of granola
  • ¼ of fruit smoothie

Your body will get used to eating a little something and eventually start looking for more fuel in the morning.   Keep in mind sugar with no fiber is a deadly combination.  You should be able to gradually work a little more food in, experimenting with what makes you feel best.  In an ideal world you would aim for 400 calories for breakfast, with at least 8-10 grams of fiber; a tall order for most, but if done over time will have huge benefits.


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