Everyone is looking for different solutions.

As a functional health coach I can walk you through the process of discovering where the root cause of your problem lies. For example, excess weight may not be caused what you think it is! Together we address the reasons that got you here and then change the body’s terrain so that you can heal and feel your best.

Things we address together can include: 

– Weight Loss

– Digestive dysfunction

– Fatigue

– Imbalances in the body

– Working with a diagnosis to develop healing lifestyle habits

– Accountability

– Stress management


Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition examines your complete health picture including digestion, sleep, food sensitivities and more to restore your body to optimal health.

Health Coaching

Health coaching provides ongoing support and guidance to help you set goals and make sustainable changes to improve your health and happiness.

Action Steps

Our Process

Step 1 

We take a very thorough health history from childhood to current day, because so many early health experiences effect health later in life and the better the picture we have, the closer we can get to the root cause of an issue and then a path to healing.

Step 2 

We help you make incremental changes in lifestyle and eating habits to help you feel better right away. We start with the gut and digestive systems and improving sleep and stress management. These changes are based on your timeline and personal needs. 

Step 3 

We continue with other changes that may be necessary. By tracking what is working, addressing deficiencies, and making any further changes to the diet, and reviewing blood work, we create a clear, true path to resolution of issues or at the very least near elimination of symptoms.

Could one conversation change your life?

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Anne allowed me to work with her on a program to improve my health by making lifestyle changes and acquiring some new good habits. We developed specific goals, the success of which would lead to more energy and less weight. At the end of our weekly sessions, I had lost ten pounds and internalized some eating habits that are now “second nature.” I now eat considerably less than before and more vegetables than ever.

Anne gently but firmly led me to “think” about what I eat and how I eat. She gave me excellent information in the form of handouts and books. She encouraged me to practice gratitude and to try and learn meditation. Much of what she teaches is common sense but often forgotten, by me at least.

I loved our sessions and will continue monthly for as long as she’ll have me. She is encouraging, realistic, knowledgeable and down-to-earth. I highly recommend Anne’s coaching to anyone looking for a healthier happier life!


– Anne S.

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